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Discover Unparalleled Connectivity

Introducing the ADC S8000 HYBRID dental chair, now equipped with an advanced delivery system featuring a digitally controlled touchpad. Experience a new level of precision and comfort in dental care.


Standard white light maps true colors.

With an intuitive and accurate display of pure white light, doctors can clearly diagnose oral conditions.

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Yellow and mixed light can effectively reduce the curing speed of photosensitive resin

ensuring doctors have more abundant working hours and improving the quality of work.

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Hydraulic / Electric Motor

Independent research and development. The hydraulic cylinder replaces the traditional DC motor, ensuring durability and reliability. The hydraulic transmission system provides smooth operation and ample power for the dental chair.

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Dual Bottle System

Unlike other chair models that have a single water bottle, this system features dual water bottles. This ensures continuous operation and enhances the efficiency of dental procedures by providing a reliable supply of clean water.

2000 lbs Load Test

The 2000 lbs load test increases the bearing capacity of the dental unit, allowing more patients to be treated with peace of mind.

2000 LB-min.jpg

Rotating Porcelain Cuspidor

Durable porcelain bowl with rotation for patient convenience and easy cleaning.

Thoughtful Design

Our dental chair features precision hydraulic motion, ensuring quiet and gentle stops and starts during patient positioning to eliminate anxiety from sudden movements. With the virtual pivot technology, the chair synchronizes with the patient's natural motion, requiring no readjustments when reclining or returning to an upright position.


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